Five ways to make a newly built or renovated home easier to clean

Five ways to make a newly built or renovated home easier to clean

Goldstar Cleaning Services often sees the long-term problems when a newly built or renovated home doesn’t align with the amount of time, money and effort the home owner wants to spend on cleaning and maintenance. Here are Goldstar’s five tips on making sure your new build or renovated home meets your cleaning and maintenance expectations.

1. Choose easy-to-clean materials for high traffic areas

When choosing materials for your new home, consider the amount of maintenance and cleaning they will need. Will they stand up to the level of wear and tear your household will put on them? Tip: Dark floors highlight even the thinnest layer of dirt and also show scrapes and scratches more clearly than light flooring. Tip: Glass shower screens show up soapy hand prints – so use a shower curtain unless you will wipe down the glass every time you shower, and in a kids’ bathroom. Glass also shows up limescale build up in areas of hard water, such as Fernie, Sparwood, Elkford and Cranbrook.

2. Plan storage for easy access to cleaning supplies

Tip: Make sure there is storage on every floor and in each kitchen and bathroom for a basket of cleaning supplies. Tip: Where will you store recycling in your new home? Ensure it is large enough for your family, and that you can easily sort plastic and glass.

3. Choose a layout that will assist cleaning

Tip: If you have several floors, install a central vac system and save lugging a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs. Tip: If you have children, pets or an outdoors lifestyle, create an easy-to-clean mudroom next to the main entrance to prevent dirt being trampled through the house, with access to water, clean towels and boot and glove dryers. Tip: An en suite bathroom for each guest room may sound luxurious – but have you considered the level of cleaning they will require versus the use they get?

4. Have a monthly and annual maintenance plan

Talk to your architect or designer about how much time and money you want to spend on maintaining and cleaning your new home, so they can choose materials and a layout to suit your budget and needs.

5. Schedule a post-construction clean

A Goldstar Cleaning crew typically spends 20-25 man hours cleaning an average 2000 square ft, four-bedroom, three-bath home after a major construction or renovation project. Avoid spending your first days in your new home vacuuming, peeling stickers off windows and doors and wiping drywall mud off floors, and negotiate a post- construction clean when you hire your building contractor, or consider hiring an experienced cleaning services company like Goldstar Cleaning. You can also ask your contractor to keep the construction site clean throughout the build, which will help minimize the mess left at the end. How Goldstar Cleaning can help you Contact us [EMAIL LINK] to find out more about Goldstar Cleaning Services’ post-construction and residential cleaning services [LINK TO RESIDENTIAL PAGE]. By Jill Barclay, Goldstar Cleaning Services