Resolutions for a Stress Free and Organized 2018

Resolutions for a Stress Free and Organized 2018

I know what you’re thinking, “Another New Years Resolution post in January?!” but bear with me. Here are four resolutions you will actually want to keep in 2018. Follow the easy tips provided to help you stick with them too.



Now you either love to organize or you hate it, there is no middle ground. It’s liberating letting go of the things you don’t need anymore, almost like the stress has immediately vanished when you donate that figurine your aunt Patty gave you last year for Christmas. However, sometimes it’s stressful! Constantly doubting if you actually need something or if you’re going to get rid of it only to need it again in a couple of weeks. Try these handy methods that will help make the de-cluttering process liberating and not stressful.
The Box Method
  • Take the items you are wanting to get rid of and place them in a box.
  • Put the box in the basement, garage, or storage.
  • Set a time limit. (example: one month)
  • Once the time is up, if you haven’t used the items in the box, it’s time to donate them.

Simply organize your items into three categories

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Trash

Get Organized

Organization is such an important skill! We don’t realize the amount of stress added just from being unorganized. So clean up your act in the new year with these helpful tips:
  1. Get Recycling and Garbage Bins – Not only in the kitchen, you’ll be amazed at how handy it is having a garbage and recycling bin in places like the laundry room or the kids living room.
  2. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place – Stop by the local hardware, craft, or housewares store for great organizational tools. With different shelves, bins, and baskets the possibilities are endless.
  3. Write It Down – When you’re thinking of a task that needs to done or a goal you would like to accomplish, don’t forget to write it down. Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews found that people are 42% more likely to achieve a goal if it is written down on a regular basis.
  4. A Calendar and White Board – Not only are calendars and whiteboards genius to keep your schedule on track, they are also a great place to write down your goals and uncompleted tasks. Being aware of a task is the first step in completing it.
  5. A Key Rack – Constantly misplacing items is frustrating but something as simple as a key rack can help keep you organized. Start with something simple like putting your keys on the key rack each time you get home. Remember, it only takes 21 days to make something a habit.
 Stop Procrastinating
We all use the famous four words, I’ll do it later. Some of us stick to our word but some of us don’t. In 2018 become a person of your word and stop procrastinating! You’ll feel so accomplished when you set your goals and crush them. Instead of setting your goals and forgetting about them. Here are a few helpful hints to get you started
Be Realistic- Set realistic tasks and realistic time frames. trying to accomplish more than you can in a day is setting yourself up for failure.
Remove Distractions- turn off the t.v., put away your phone, find your perfect workspace, and listen to music without lyrics. REWARD YOURSELF- set up a simple reward system for yourself. something as simple as completing two tasks on your to-do list = one episode of your favorite show on Netflix.
Do it Now- stop saying you’ll do it later. we all know later is a magical place that doesn’t really exist.

ask for help when you need it

This may seem like an easy concept, but a lot of us seem to struggle with it. Asking for help is giving up control. However, we know that as one person, we simply cannot do everything. Think of how lovely it is to walk into a perfectly cleaned home. The floors are clean, the garbage has been taken out and the bathrooms counters don’t have a trace of toothpaste. By asking for help and scheduling bi-weekly services you now have the extra time to go skating with your kids or take up competitive dog grooming again.

So there we have it, three easy resolutions to help make 2018 your best year possible.