Save Your Employees from the Dreaded Spring Time Flu

Save Your Employees from the Dreaded Spring Time Flu

Springtime flu’s cost your business money, hinders performance and deters sales.

With spring comes varying temperatures. If we experience anything in the Kootenays, it’s summer-like weather one day and a winter snowstorm the next. Now, these varying temperatures aren’t only hard on our mental state, they also affect us physically. With a rise in sick days happening every spring, Goldstar wanted to remind you that a clean office will cut down on sick days.  Save your business money, encourage productivity and increase sales.

 On average

sick womanCanadians are taking 9.3 sick days per year which is costing the economy $16.6 billion and that doesn’t even cover replacement workers, CBC reports. Plane and simple, sick employees are costing you money. The thing is, you aren’t helping them stay healthy. The water cooler is a breeding ground for germs, no one’s cleaned the microwave in years and don’t get me started on those keyboard keys. By hiring a cleaning company to make weekly visits to your business you are proactively protecting your employees from unwanted germs and illness. By providing a clean workspace you are encouraging your employees to stay healthy and work harder. After all, we know what our personal productivity is like when we are sick.


employee Performance working-hard-productivity-employee-spring-sickness

We’ve all been there, we woke up with a headache we can’t shake and our stomach has never felt so uneasy. But somehow, someway, we convince ourselves to go to work. We’re snotty and blowing our nose 30 times a minute. We’re running to the bathroom at the thought of coffee and that darn office chair is SO stinking uncomfortable. Our productivity sucks, our mood is sub-par, and our bodies HATE us! Keep productivity at its peak by scheduling weekly Goldstar visits. Clean environments allow employees to concentrate on what’s really important. Their work!


cash-money-canadianClean offices don’t only lead to happy and healthy employees saving you money, they also promote business. A clean office means a business is professional and detail oriented. Think of any time you have walked into an untidy business. What kind of first impression did it leave? I’m sure not a very good one. In the business world, first impressions mean everything. It is likely that if you do not leave a good first impression, chances are you are not getting the client.

Though we may not think of these important factors off the top of our heads, it’s great to have a reminder that a clean office leads to overall job satisfaction, builds trust with clients and saves/ grows your money!