Spring Cleaning with Goldstar Services

Spring Cleaning with Goldstar Services

  spring-cleaning-organization-kids-can-help-tooWith Spring officially arriving in Canada we’re now welcoming longer days, melting snow, and an increased urge to be outdoors. Unfortunately, along with spring never-ending muddy boots appear, sticky fingerprints are all of a sudden WAY more visible on your windows and yet another cold and flu season is here to tear through your office or family. Luckily there is a quick solution to all of your spring cleaning dilemmas and that solution is simple. Goldstar Cleaning Services.  

 Spring Cleaning Floor Care Solutions

carpet-cleaning-goldstar-floor-care-spring-cleaningHow is it that no matter what you do to keep it outside, mud is always making its way inside? It sneaks in on your husbands work boots, the kid’s rainboots (wait a minute, let’s be realistic here. ANY footwear your kid’s own) and that adorable little fur baby. Before you know it, the celebration of spring suddenly becomes servitude to the mud Gods. Instead of buying the expensive equipment yourself or renting a machine that doesn’t sanitize your carpets, a professional carpet cleaner will ensure your carpets are receiving proper treatment. After all different carpets DO require different methods.  Spring clean with Goldstars confident carpet cleaners and floor care experts.

Spring cleaning Window WASHING

cleaning-windows-spring-cleaningSticky fingerprints, dog drool, and is that, someones…face? How did all of this end up on your once crystal clear windows? It’s amazing what we are blind to during the long dark winter months. However, now that it’s spring ALL you can see is those cringe-worthy smudges. Hire a professional to help protect your windows and save yourself the accident waiting to happen. Start off Spring with sparkling windows to really help soak in that sun. Spring cleaning just keeps getting easier.

Combat Germs and Reduce the Risk of Flu Season

SPRING-CLEANING-KILLING-GERMS ANOTHER cold and flu season, you have got to be kidding! Unfortunately, we’re not. Spring is the perfect time of year for those pesky germs to cultivate and attack when you’re at your weakest. How can we beat them to the punch? By hiring a cleaning company. The average Canadian is missing eight work days a year because of illness. By hiring a professional you are attacking germs head on as the employees know that high traffic areas aren’t only the employee lounge or the bathrooms. They know that germs are most commonly on keyboards and phones, doorknobs and microwaves. Schedule your weekly office cleans with Goldstar today and keep your employees healthy and productive.
So don’t let spring stress you out or cause you unwanted illness, be proactive by hiring Goldstar. Let us take care of all of your spring cleaning needs.