5 must-have cleaning products for your backyard

The Grillbot is a single-button-operated, automated grill cleaner that takes the ick out of scrubbing your gas or charcoal BBQ. (Photo courtesy
  I know, it’s hard to imagine right now. But some day soon, all that snow will disappear, leaving you with a backyard’s worth of cleaning jobs. Luckily, technology can step in to fill the enthusiasm gap. Add these five outdoor cleaning products to your arsenal, and you’ll be ready for your first backyard patio party in no time. The Grillbot (photo above): The brainchild of former real estate agent Ethan Woods, the Grillbot is a single-button-operated, automated grill cleaner that takes the ick out of scrubbing your gas or charcoal BBQ. The Grillbot’s three motorized scouring brushes are powered by rechargeable battery pack, and its “smart CPU” brain allows it to navigate grills with ease. Now if only we could teach it to cook the perfect steak… (US$69,95 basic model, US$99.95 premium model, available starting June 2013, Quickie Bulldozer Super Stiff Broom: Appearances can be deceiving; the Quickie Bulldozer is designed to look like indoor kitchen broom, but its industrial grade steel handle and super-stiff polypropylene fiber bristles can sweep up crushed brick, block, rebar, landscape stones and other punishing objects with ease. ($8.88, available at Home Depot)   CLR Outdoor Furniture Cleaner: CLR’s non-abrasive, biodegradable formula is perfect for cleaning your patio furniture after a long winter break. But don’t stop there; CLR is safe to use on a variety of surfaces, from wrought iron to plastic to canvas, so go nuts. ($6.99 for 26 oz., available at Canadian Tire)   Craftsman/mD 22″, 190cc B&S 725 Platinum Series Rear Wheel Drive Lawn Mower: Adjustable self-propelled drive system? Check. Easy push-button start? Check. Simplified bag removal system with full bag indicator? Check. This gas-powered mover by Craftsman is the total lawn care package.  ($549.88, available at Sears)   Jackson Clog-Free Rake: When is a rake more than a rake? When it’s designed to prevent debris from getting stuck between the tines, that’s when. The Jackson Clog-Free Rake comes with a lifetime warranty – because you know the leaves will never stop falling. ($24.99, available at Canadian Tire)