The Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitization

Cleaning up – The 3 Sisters

Understandably cleaning, disinfection and sanitization may have just been words to you over a year ago but have now become very significant topics. Even with their common usage in daily public messaging there can be a tendency to group the them together as the same thing. What is the difference? And how can they help you keep your workplace safe?


Meet the Three Sisters (Our Fernie Pun) of a Healthy and Clean Environment

Cleaning: The Older Sister

The one you have probably known the longest. Simply put, cleaning is the removal of dirt, germs and impurities from surfaces and objects. It alone, does not kill germs. But fewer germs on surfaces can decrease the spread of bacteria. Tried, tested and true, but for deeper cleans and to stop the spread of viruses and pathogens, she needs to call in her sisters.

Sanitizing: The Middle Sister

Sanitization of surfaces and objects, especially high touch areas, kills and reduces the number of germs and pathogens to a safe level that is determined by public health standards. And is a requirement to operate by making sure surfaces are ‘touch-safe”. But it does not kill all germs.

Disinfecting: The New Kid

Disinfecting is the application of specific and stronger chemicals to kill ALL germs and pathogens on surfaces and objects. In our current health crisis, it is the most effective means to stop the spread of illness causing germs and infections.

How can this help your business? No matter what type of commercial facility you have, keeping it clean and germ-free, so that it can continue to operate successfully and safely is crucial to its success and a community responsibility.

A commercial cleaning service provider has access to the most up to date disinfection technology and equipment necessary to provide you the most effective clean and help reduce the spread of illness causing germs. Putting both you, your employees, and customers mind at ease, knowing their well being and safety is being professionally taken care of.

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How Clean is Your Commercial Facility?

How Clean is Your Commercial Facility?

Due to our current health crisis, how clean your facility is has become a top priority to you as a business owner, an employee and as a consumer. Germs can be associated with dirt, debris, and things tracked in from the outside, but the reality is the INSIDE of your commercial facility may hold the most amount of germs. A dirty floor, a stained carpet or a dusty surface may seem like likely culprits, but it is the areas that we can’t see that hide the worst kinds of germs. These germs can lead to sickness and the spread of disease.

Cleaning desk in the office, close-up.

Things you should know but probably don’t want to know!

  • The average office work desk can have 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • Office keyboards can be home to around 16 million microbes. A study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reported that 96% of sampled keyboards were contaminated with microbes, including E. Coli. If you share keyboards, that microbe count is even higher, and the potential for getting sick goes up as well.
  • An office desk is 100 times less hygienic than an average kitchen table.
  • Doorknobs, faucet handles, refrigerator handles, and microwave handles are some of the dirtiest areas and need the most frequent disinfecting.
  • A person infected with a virus can infect up to 50% of the surfaces/things they touch in their environment.

The importance of disinfecting

Disinfecting a surface can eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogenic microorganisms, including most viruses, which decreases the likelihood of germs spreading. Disinfection is the key to preventing the spread of germs and bacteria throughout your premise.

Germs and bacteria are unavoidable, especially when people gather to share a space. Especially during times of increased viral cases, it is imperative to maintain a high level of cleanliness, disinfection, and general cleanliness throughout the space. This translates to greater productivity, fewer sick days and overall good health among your team.


Hiring a Commercial Cleaner to Help You Out

Bring in the professionals to ensure your workplace, and those high touch, hard to reach, hard to see and high trafficked areas are getting a thorough clean. Creating a safer and healthier workplace in your facility.

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