How A Site Survey Could Help Your Business

Looking for a Commercial Cleaner – Book a Site Survey First!

When considering outsourcing the cleaning of your commercial space be sure to book a site survey of your premise first. The opportunity to walk through your space with your professional cleaners is an invaluable step in ensuring a successful partnership before the work begins. And could save you the loss of time and money in the future from miscommunication and unmet needs.

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What Do We Look at In Our Site Surveys?

With almost 20 years in the industry, we at Goldstar know that each client partnership and each cleaning job is unique. So, we use the site survey of your commercial space to make sure we are on the same page from day one and that your facility’s unique needs are met. And continue to be met. During our site survey you can expect us to assess the following when looking at the areas to be cleaned.

  • The Types of Surfaces
  • Volume of Traffic
  • The Types of Soils Present
  • Current process and methods for Cleaning/Maintenance
  • Goals and needs for Cleaning process
  • Improvements to current cleaning process

Next: A Right Plan of Action

Once the above is assessed and discussed, you want to make sure your professional cleaners also have the right products and the right equipment to fulfill your goals and needs. Not all cleaning products are the same and a site survey will allow an accurate assessment of the soils in your workspace that needs to be addressed. The right product or purpose cleaner for your area will provide your establishment a higher quality clean, in the most time-efficient manner. Having the right equipment for the job is also essential in making this happen. Different types of flooring and the size of your premise may require different plans of actions.

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Let’s Work Towards the Same Goal

Our years of expertise in commercial cleaning has given us a great understanding of many different environments and solutions for tackling daily and long-term cleaning goals. We use our site surveys to tailor a unique and comprehensive cleaning plan for your commercial facility. By working closely with you we will determine what your goals are and what works best for you. A site survey will help us find the best solution for your facility which will result in improved results. So, your business can focus on its business!

Call Goldstar Cleaning Services Group at +1 (250) 423-4029 now to inquire about a site survey of your commercial facility to see what we can do for you!

How to Participate in Earth Day During a Pandemic

Celebrate Mother Nature on April 22!

This week, on Thursday, April 22nd marks the 51st EARTH DAY since its inception in 1970. As cleaning is our business, we wanted to share with you some fun, safe and educational ways you and your loved ones can still celebrate Mother Nature.

Plan a Solo or Family Clean-Up Run/Cycle

While global and community-organized clean-ups will not be happening this year due to health precautions, you can still make a clean-up event happen for your household by creating your own. Switch up your regular family or solo outdoor activity by combining it with a littler pick-up as its main intention. Chose an area in your neighborhood that you love that could use a little more love, in the cleaning department. Combining your activity with a clean-up is good for your health and the health of the planet, and a fun way to get younger kids involved. Another option is to commit to picking up one piece of litter every day for the year. Seeing the problem of waste firsthand in our own ‘backyard’ will open up the curiosity to how to reduce your daily impact on the environment.

vegetable plants  

Start to grow your own Vegetable Garden!

While our travel and social gatherings are limited, this is a great spring/summer project that your whole household can be involved in. Growing your own vegetables decreases the carbon footprint in the exportation of food and decreases the packaging used to carry it, which ends up in our landfills. Its benefits of gardening are many, not the least keeping you fed, but also helping to build a stronger connection to the earth and its wonders. Working with the soil does instill a deeper responsibility in us to protect and preserve it. For young ones, it’s a great educational tool for both nature and nutrition.

Start to move your Household to the Zero-Waste Movement 

Did you know that Vancouver has a commitment to become the first zero-waste Canadian city by 2040? We at Goldstar think the Elk Valley can definitely follow suit. You can start small and continue to educate and adapt your lifestyle to this movement by first reducing the amount of single-use plastic your family uses. Look at what you use for grocery shopping, family social gatherings, home organization. Change over to reusable cups, straws, bags, and containers. Say no to free giveaways and pamphlets. The less demand there is for plastic – the less demand there is for production.

Commit to One Year of Not Buying Non-Essential Items

Another option to celebrate Earth Day and to start to feel good about your commitment to protecting her is to reduce your consumption of non-essential products. With all the birthday parties, anniversaries, and milestone events that we celebrate annually with our friends and loved ones; we can produce a lot of stress on our environment. Our Goldstar Owner, Jill Barclay, has taken on this challenge with her own family this year. Look at up-cycling gifts creatively or exchanging/teaching a skill in place of a birthday present. For example, if a family member is located in another city, think of giving them a cooking class of your favorite meal over zoom as an alternative to sending a card and a present. Sometimes your time is the most precious gift of all. And most of our playrooms, both kids and adults, are bursting at the seams already. A year off can be a really fun and fulfilling way to do your part. Other areas to consider are clothes, books, and gift wrapping paper. Make sure whatever you chose, you add an element of creative problem solving to it, so the fun of it can help keep you motivated when inconvenience perks up.

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Make Your Own DIY Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

In our last post, we talked about the many benefits Vinegar had as a cleaning alternative to your laundry cycle that was also an environmentally friendly option. There are many other options for other household cleaners over commercial cleaning products, which may already be in your pantry or cupboards. Generally, the ingredients needed are; white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, Castile soap, Magic baking powder, water, vegetable or olive oil, fresh herbs, citrus/citrus peel, essential oils, and salt. This can be a supervised craft project with young ones or a solo project to create an environmentally friendly cleaning basket for your home, to celebrate Earth Day.

However, you chose to participate in Earth Day, remember that all it takes is a little awareness and involvement every day that can make the biggest difference. So don’t get overwhelmed or discouraged, just take the first step, so we can continue to enjoy this beautiful natural playground we call home. For more ideas and digital events on Earth Day and how to get involved this year be sure to check out

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How Vinegar Can Improve Your Laundry Pile

Vinegar and Your Laundry Pile

We are sure you have heard the saying you will “go a lot further with sugar, than with vinegar”. Normally we would agree, but for the lifecycle of your clothes and your laundry game, the opposite is true. Here’s a little reminder of how distilled white vinegar is every household’s little laundry helper.

woman doing laundry

It Removes Stains

Commercial stain removers are effective at their job, but vinegar is tried and tested for removing stubborn and common stains, such as; blood, grass, ink, mildew, crayons, vomit, coffee & tea, tomato, mustard and rust. Vinegar can come to the rescue in all of these “stain situations” due to the acetic acid in it, that is both mild and effective in dissolving residues, giving a second act to your wardrobe. Soak the stains in equal part vinegar and water for about 15 minutes (longer for grass stains) before rinsing it with cool water. For tough stains, rub salt on the stain as well to help break down the residue (especially good for crayons). Make sure the stain is out after removing it from the wash before you dry the article of clothing.

It Can Help Keep Your Dark Clothing Stay Dark

Did you know that adding half a cup of distilled white vinegar to the final rinse in your cycle can help your favourite dark skinny jeans stay dark? The vinegar helps to remove residual soap and detergent that is responsible for dulling dark articles over time. Which is also the culprit behind dulling your whites. Which explains why it has the ability to…

It Also brighten your Whites

The secret in white vinegar is that the acetic acid in it is mild to all fabrics.

It Gets Rid of Odours

You have probably made “that face” when doing laundry and noticing that certain odours have started to make a home on your clothing, even after being in the wash. For athletic gear and their sweaty odour, fill a spray bottle with undiluted white vinegar. Spray the areas of concern and let the vinegar soak for a few minutes before placing it in the wash. To get rid of the yellowing that can occur with sweat stains, cover the stain in vinegar and rub salt into it. Best to use a coarser salt, but if regular table salt is all you have handy – just add extra elbow grease. Then air dry the garment before putting it in the wash. For smoke odours, add half a cup of vinegar to a hot wash cycle.

vinegar for laundry

It Acts as a Natural Fabric Softener

Distilled white vinegar is a great alternative to commercial fabric softeners. It is both hypoallergenic and safe and can carry less of a heavy scent compared to branded softeners. To use, add one cup to your final rinse cycle.

It Cleans Your Laundry Tools

Over time your washing machine can gather a build up of soap residue and mineral deposits. This can restrict its cleaning performance by blocking the flow of water. It is recommended a few times a year to run a complete wash cycle with the machine empty using hot water and a cup of vinegar. The same build-up can happen with your trusty Iron, causing blockages in its spray nozzle and steam vents. This is remedied by filling its water chamber with an equal measure of water and vinegar. Placing the iron in a safe heatproof place and in an upright position you can let it steam for a few minutes. After the iron has cooled off, rinse out the chamber with water. Fill it with water again and give it a good shake to allow the water to seep through the water vents. Vinegar can also be used to clean any scorch marks on the faceplate of your Iron. First, make a paste of vinegar and salt and rub onto the faceplate of the Iron when it is cool and turned off. Wipe off the paste with a cloth that has been sprayed with vinegar and then once again with a cloth that has been dampened with only water.

*Not only is distilled white vinegar a great option to add to your laundry routine it is also the environmentally friendly option too. Make sure when selecting a vinegar that you chose a distilled white vinegar to avoid any tannins or dyes.

After all that laundry, contact our cleaning professionals to help keep your space clean so you can do more of what you love to do.

Contact Goldstar Cleaning Services Group today at +1 250 423 4029

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The Health Benefits to Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning … Just What The Doctor Ordered?

With the first official day of spring upon us and daylight savings just passed, the words “spring cleaning” may be beginning to make their way to the top of your To Do List. This year in particular cleaning and decluttering our spaces has taken on a new renaissance. But are you aware of the actual health benefits to both activities? Read on for a little extra motivation to see how spring cleaning may be just what the doctor ordered.

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 It Helps Combat Allergies

A 2014 study by the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunity found that regular cleaning does help people avoid allergy symptoms. Allergy triggers such as bugs, mildew, pet dander and even bacteria can build up over time in the w inter months in our homes. A good spring clean in the areas that are not commonly cleaned in the colder months will help decrease these triggers and pollutants that are not helping your allergies. We suggest targeting potentially damp areas such as bathrooms, basements, and garages.

Decreases Stress

Clarity in your space can lead to clarity in the mind. Studies have shown a direct correlation to the increase in mental health and one’s space. But did you know that even 20 minutes of rigorous cleaning can release endorphins acting as a great release for any stress or anxiety. By putting your intentional focus on a cleaning or organizing task it removes focus from areas that you may feel mentally stuck in. This can allow you to really have a physical and mental sensation of a fresh start that spring does bring with it.

Increases Productivity

The sense of fulfillment people can experience by taking pride in their home and reorganizing it encourages your mind to stay organized. In the winter months we can tend to fall into a routine physically and mentally. Having clean surfaces, less clutter and a fresh take on your space will help improve your concentration and focus by having less distraction in your space to pull your attention to. As you accomplish your spring cleaning goals it will give you the momentum to focus on new goals for a new season.

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Encourages a Healthier Lifestyle

Your environment does have an impact on your lifestyle choices. A 2013 study by the University of Minnesota found that people placed in less cluttered and more organized environments were more likely to make healthier eating habits choices than those who were placed in cluttered, disorganized spaces. Being able to see inside your pantry and fridge will allow you to make more conscious choices and save you time while doing meal prep. The added bonus of feeling a sense of pride in your new space will also motivate you to keep making healthier choices that only support you.

Wondering How to Start?

If the idea of spring cleaning still feels daunting, then we suggest approaching it by going room to room. Begin with an area or task in the room that often gets ignored in the Winter versus areas that are often cleaned weekly or daily. This will ensure a thorough clean and give you a sense of accomplishment early on. Try not to do it all in one weekend but instead over a couple of weekends or days, so you can actually enjoy the warmer weather that Spring brings and begin to feel excited for the brighter days ahead. And our Goldstar tip: Reward yourself with a walk outside, a nice drink on the patio, or an episode of your favourite binge worthy television once you have completed one room or large task.

For some extra help or if you are in need of deep cleaning, reach out to our Goldstar professional services!

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The Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitization

Cleaning up – The 3 Sisters

Understandably cleaning, disinfection and sanitization may have just been words to you over a year ago but have now become very significant topics. Even with their common usage in daily public messaging there can be a tendency to group the them together as the same thing. What is the difference? And how can they help you keep your workplace safe?


Meet the Three Sisters (Our Fernie Pun) of a Healthy and Clean Environment

Cleaning: The Older Sister

The one you have probably known the longest. Simply put, cleaning is the removal of dirt, germs and impurities from surfaces and objects. It alone, does not kill germs. But fewer germs on surfaces can decrease the spread of bacteria. Tried, tested and true, but for deeper cleans and to stop the spread of viruses and pathogens, she needs to call in her sisters.

Sanitizing: The Middle Sister

Sanitization of surfaces and objects, especially high touch areas, kills and reduces the number of germs and pathogens to a safe level that is determined by public health standards. And is a requirement to operate by making sure surfaces are ‘touch-safe”. But it does not kill all germs.

Disinfecting: The New Kid

Disinfecting is the application of specific and stronger chemicals to kill ALL germs and pathogens on surfaces and objects. In our current health crisis, it is the most effective means to stop the spread of illness causing germs and infections.

How can this help your business? No matter what type of commercial facility you have, keeping it clean and germ-free, so that it can continue to operate successfully and safely is crucial to its success and a community responsibility.

A commercial cleaning service provider has access to the most up to date disinfection technology and equipment necessary to provide you the most effective clean and help reduce the spread of illness causing germs. Putting both you, your employees, and customers mind at ease, knowing their well being and safety is being professionally taken care of.

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Let us do our job so you can do yours!

Have questions about our methods of cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting for commercial facilities? Need COVID-19 cleaning help from professionals?

Want to set up regular cleanings or project services to improve your commercial facility?

Contact us at Goldstar Cleaning Services Group today!

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The 5 Qualities to look for in a Commercial Cleaner

Commercial Cleaners – What to Look For

Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business is an excellent investment that can keep your premises safe and healthy and looking pristine. While every commercial facility and its needs and cleaning solutions will be different, here are 5 qualities you should always look for in your commercial cleaner.

High-Quality Service

One of the main reasons to hire out a commercial cleaning service is the high-quality service you should be guaranteed. What is their training and expertise in their field and do they match your needs? Are they leaders in their profession? Do they have the necessary knowledge and ability to operate sophisticated disinfection technology? What kind of reviews and references do they have?

reference checks


A professional commercial clean should always be consistent and delivering on their promises to you. Is their service consistent and up to par each and every time? Do the cleaning crews show up on time? Do they move around your space with respect and integrity?


Straight and clear communication is necessary for any professional partnership. Are they proactive in their communication with you regarding any issues that have arisen, or they believe will arise on your premises? Do the notify you of any security issues they come across? Do they respond to you in a timely manner?


A cleaning company understands the importance of always being flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of each business. Can you reach out to them at any time if you need additional services? Does their working hours and schedule work with yours?


Every professional commercial cleaner should have proof of insurance and license to operate in British Columbia. This ensures they are covered for all liabilities that should happen to occur from mishap while on your work site. Safety is thought of not only for your workplace during their service but also of theirs. Goldstar Cleaning Services Group has been operating in Fernie and the Elk Valley since 2003 providing high-quality, consistent, and reliable service to our local communities. So much that these qualities are engrained into our own company’s core values. Our mission at Goldstar is to give our clients more time and freedom to do what they love to do.

Contact us today to find out about how our professional janitorial services can benefit your business. As the leading experts in commercial cleaning and electrostatic disinfection in the Elk Valley we would love to hear from you!

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Indoor Plants and Your Winter Space

Indoor Plants to Brighten Your Winter

While the mountains and fresh powder can keep us all pretty happy in the Kootenays during the winter, the shorter days and colder temperatures tend to drive us inside more at this time of year. Studies have shown the many benefits indoor plants can bring to a home or workspace, such as helping to clean the air, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost creativity and productivity.

Here is a list of some great options to both brighten and clean your home or workspace, and continue to enjoy nature while inside this winter.

The ZZ Plant: (Harry Potter Spell Name: Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

This is the current Instagram darling of the plant world at the moment and one that we think is a great winter indoor option due to how low maintenance it is and drought tolerant. It thrives when it is generally left alone and requires infrequent watering. Best placed in a room with minimal light; it has great versatility to survive in many different rooms throughout this season. Bringing you some beauty with its rich green colour, while also removing toxins from the air, such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene.

snake plant

Snake Plant: (Harry Potter Spell Name: Dracaena trifasciata)

One of the most famous of indoor plants before the ZZ Plant got its following is the Snake Plant, also commonly known as ‘Mother-in-law’s Tongue’. This is due to its reputation of being both durable and tough natured. Again, a great option as it also requires little attention, and infrequent watering, especially in the winter. Another air purifier for your space, its long, green stiff leaves can range from 2-6 feet depending on the variety. Look at the dwarf varieties of the “Whitney” or “Future Superba” for smaller options if you prefer. Perfect for low-light rooms as it prefers indirect sunlight. Handles well in dry air or overly-heated winter spaces.

Aloe Vera: (Harry Potter Spell Name: Aloe Vera – that’s how low maintenance it is)

A staff favourite at Goldstar, this succulent is another tough cookie, and can even bounce back from the worst of neglect and requires infrequent watering. So much so, that with succulents, like Aloe Vera its better to almost not water them through the winter. Even with the little attention you give it, it will continue to remove formaldehyde from the air while serving you tropical, desert vibes. And its great for your skin with its natural anti-inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties. This sun loving baby prefers a bright sunny spot. Perfect for a dry window.

Spider Plant: (Harry Potter Spell Name: Chlorophytum Compsum)

This green beauty is the strongest air purifier in the list. A NASA study done to test household plants and their ability to remove toxins from the air, found the Spider Plant to surpass the others, removing about 95% of toxins in preliminary tests. It also differs from the rest on the list by being pet friendly. While it needs bright light, it prefers not to be in direct sunlight. Perfect for a room with big windows. They also love humidity, so are a great option for over-heated winter spaces or bathrooms. Only needs watering about once a week, just make sure the soil has been dried out between waterings.

spider plant

Peace Lily: (Harry Potter Spell Name: Spathiphyllum)

This tropical plant loves living in the warmer temperatures we are used to indoors in the winter. Not suitable for any drafty rooms. They prefer low light, and can also survive under florescent lights, so are a great option for a work desk or spaces that get minimal light. Their dark green leaves and white flowers will bring some much needed life to any dark space while also serving as a great air purifier. Like the rest on this list, they are far more tolerant of under watering than over watering. Not a Plant Person? If you’re for cleaner air, a calmer environment, and enjoying the beauty of nature all in the comfort of your indoor space – maybe indoor plants are your next winter hobby? If so, this list serves as a great guide for the newbie plant owner, busy person or natural green thumb. Worried about the upkeep and care of your plants, whether out of town or during your regular cleaning services? Contact us here at Goldstar and let us know.  We’ll be happy to tend to them when we visit.

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How Janitorial Cleaning Can Improve Employee Morale

Is Cleaning Related to Morale?

As Businesses continue to operate in COVID times, the focus on a healthy workplace is at the forefront of everybody’s mind. Especially your employees. The return to workspaces as the economy tries to regain its footing has a lot of emotions swirling around.

employees at a board table  

Here are a few ways hiring professional janitorial services for your premises can help contribute to create not only a safe, but positive work environment for your people.

1) Increase Company Morale

Appreciation breeds appreciation. By ensuring your employees’ well being you are actually creating more connection among your team, especially during a time period when isolation and distance has been at the forefront of messaging. Increasing your employee’s confidence to work for a company who values their time, energy, and health. This act of care will have a ripple effect in staff morale and will show in the way they show up each day for their job and their coworkers.

2) Increase in Productivity

There are numerous studies that have concluded that a cleaner space leads to happier, more productive employees. By allowing your people to focus on what you hired them to do, their attention and focus can solely be placed on your business. The extra training and responsibility placed on your employees for new DIY cleaning protocols will not only exhaust them emotionally and physically, its time and energy away from your own product being produced.

3) Reduce Absenteeism

Now more than ever its important to maintain a high level of cleanliness, disinfection, and general hygiene throughout the workplace. Prevention through proper cleaning and disinfection by professionals is your best chance at reducing the spread of bacteria and germs in spaces that people share.

janitorial cleaning team

4) Reduce Staff Turnover

People who feel valued, appreciated, and safe are less likely to look for another form of employment. Research has shown that a positive work environment is more important to job seekers than higher salary, excellent benefits packages, or more vacation time.

5) Improve Company Image

By putting your people first, you earn their trust. Word also spreads fast across industries about which companies are leading the way in leading their people. By building your employees’ trust in your business leadership during challenging times, you have also improved the image of your company and its culture, helping to create a legacy that will also increase your profit line.

Choose Goldstar Cleaning Services Group as your commercial cleaner and access COVID-19 cleaning from professionals in the industry. With Goldstar you can choose from deep cleaning services, sanitation services, and disinfection services that fit your needs.  Call now for a quote on daily or weekly janitorial services for COVID-19 and more at +1 (250) 423-4029.

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How Clean is Your Commercial Facility?

How Clean is Your Commercial Facility?

Due to our current health crisis, how clean your facility is has become a top priority to you as a business owner, an employee and as a consumer. Germs can be associated with dirt, debris, and things tracked in from the outside, but the reality is the INSIDE of your commercial facility may hold the most amount of germs. A dirty floor, a stained carpet or a dusty surface may seem like likely culprits, but it is the areas that we can’t see that hide the worst kinds of germs. These germs can lead to sickness and the spread of disease.

Cleaning desk in the office, close-up.

Things you should know but probably don’t want to know!

  • The average office work desk can have 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.
  • Office keyboards can be home to around 16 million microbes. A study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reported that 96% of sampled keyboards were contaminated with microbes, including E. Coli. If you share keyboards, that microbe count is even higher, and the potential for getting sick goes up as well.
  • An office desk is 100 times less hygienic than an average kitchen table.
  • Doorknobs, faucet handles, refrigerator handles, and microwave handles are some of the dirtiest areas and need the most frequent disinfecting.
  • A person infected with a virus can infect up to 50% of the surfaces/things they touch in their environment.

The importance of disinfecting

Disinfecting a surface can eliminate up to 99.99% of pathogenic microorganisms, including most viruses, which decreases the likelihood of germs spreading. Disinfection is the key to preventing the spread of germs and bacteria throughout your premise.

Germs and bacteria are unavoidable, especially when people gather to share a space. Especially during times of increased viral cases, it is imperative to maintain a high level of cleanliness, disinfection, and general cleanliness throughout the space. This translates to greater productivity, fewer sick days and overall good health among your team.


Hiring a Commercial Cleaner to Help You Out

Bring in the professionals to ensure your workplace, and those high touch, hard to reach, hard to see and high trafficked areas are getting a thorough clean. Creating a safer and healthier workplace in your facility.

Contact Goldstar Cleaning Services Group today to find out more about our professional janitorial services and Electrostatic Disinfectant Technology. With years of experience in the industry let us come up with a cleaning solution that suits your needs.

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What Happens If the Chief Elf Is Accidentally Touched?

Chief Elf Accidentally Touched?

For many families with children, a fun part of the month of December is to wake up and race around the house to find out where their Elf is now hiding. However, sometimes, rambunctious pets, forgetful parents, cleaning staff or even mischievous children may forget or get too close to their Scout Elf while checking for the latest hiding spot. What should you do when your Elf is accidentally touched? Is it a huge deal?

Christmas toy hangs on a glowing garland

What to Do If Your Elf Is Touched

Don’t stress. Your little Elf is going to spring right back into their Christmas spirit in no time at all. Choose one of the ideas here and use it to help your family bring back your Elf’s magic in no time at all:

  1. Write a nice apology note to your Elf telling your Elf how very sorry you are for touching him. This is a great way for your Elf to regain Christmas magic.
  2. Sprinkle some cinnamon near the Elf. Cinnamon is like Elf vitamins and will help your elf get back to the North Pole and make a full recovery! The Elf will return tomorrow all recovered.
  3. Sing your Elf a Christmas carol with all of the family. Elves love to sing, and your Elf may well join in. This will help your Elf to recover in no time at all.
elf on a christmas tree branch

According to modern Christmas traditions, there are Elves who work together all through the year at Santa’s Workshop. Santa’s Workshop is located at the North Pole. The elves make the toys and help Santa to prepare for his trip around the world on Christmas Eve.

In fact, Santa Claus himself is often described as a Jolly Elf in the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, or “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement Clark Moore written in 1822.

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