The 5 Qualities to look for in a Commercial Cleaner

Commercial Cleaners – What to Look For

Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your business is an excellent investment that can keep your premises safe and healthy and looking pristine. While every commercial facility and its needs and cleaning solutions will be different, here are 5 qualities you should always look for in your commercial cleaner.

High-Quality Service

One of the main reasons to hire out a commercial cleaning service is the high-quality service you should be guaranteed. What is their training and expertise in their field and do they match your needs? Are they leaders in their profession? Do they have the necessary knowledge and ability to operate sophisticated disinfection technology? What kind of reviews and references do they have?

reference checks


A professional commercial clean should always be consistent and delivering on their promises to you. Is their service consistent and up to par each and every time? Do the cleaning crews show up on time? Do they move around your space with respect and integrity?


Straight and clear communication is necessary for any professional partnership. Are they proactive in their communication with you regarding any issues that have arisen, or they believe will arise on your premises? Do the notify you of any security issues they come across? Do they respond to you in a timely manner?


A cleaning company understands the importance of always being flexible to meet the ever-changing needs of each business. Can you reach out to them at any time if you need additional services? Does their working hours and schedule work with yours?


Every professional commercial cleaner should have proof of insurance and license to operate in British Columbia. This ensures they are covered for all liabilities that should happen to occur from mishap while on your work site. Safety is thought of not only for your workplace during their service but also of theirs. Goldstar Cleaning Services Group has been operating in Fernie and the Elk Valley since 2003 providing high-quality, consistent, and reliable service to our local communities. So much that these qualities are engrained into our own company’s core values. Our mission at Goldstar is to give our clients more time and freedom to do what they love to do.

Contact us today to find out about how our professional janitorial services can benefit your business. As the leading experts in commercial cleaning and electrostatic disinfection in the Elk Valley we would love to hear from you!

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How to Keep That Hockey Bag and Gear Fresh



There it is again. Sitting, lifeless. Dropped off again right beside the washing machine. Its been there for three whole days. Left to fester, left to seep, left to marinade. The dreaded hockey bag, consequently full of sweaty equipment you’d rather forget about. It belongs to your roommate, your kids, your significant other, but honestly, it doesn’t matter who’s it is, you just want it to stop wafting through the entire house. So let Goldstar guide you. Here are four helpful hints to keep that hockey bag winners circle fresh.    

1.Air it out; don’t let the wet gear sit.

First of all, don’t let it sit! The worst thing you can do is let the wet sweaty equipment sit. An indoor clothing rack will become your best friend. They’re easy to find and you can purchase at your local housewares stores. Somewhere like Fernie Home Building Center is sure to have what you need. Add a heater, a fan, or a dehumidifier to help speed up the process. On those bluebird days, lay it out on the deck. The cold temperatures will surely kill any smelly bacteria that may be lingering.  

2.Wash what you can, regularly.

Aside from airing it out, it’s important to wash our hockey equipment to keep it fresh. A lot of hockey hockey equipment equipment is safe to add right to the washing machine! Both front or top loading machines will do the trick. (make sure you leave enough room for equipment to move once it’s in the machine. A washing machine overfilled will lead to tears in equipment.) Here is a list of the hockey equipment you CAN and CANNOT wash in the machine.   WASHING MACHINE FRIENDLY
  • Socks, Jerseys, and base layers.
  • Jock (don’t forget to remove the cup as it cannot be washed in the machine. Fasten the Velcro so it doesn’t attach to anything else in the wash.)
  • Shin Pads*
  • Hockey Pants*
  • Elbow Pads*
  • Shoulder Pads* and
  • Gloves*
DO NOT use bleach; white vinegar CAN BE added to the wash is a great alternative, as it will kill odor-causing bacteria.
* DO NOT put equipment in the dryer. Allow it to air-dry.
  • Goalie Pads
  • Goalie Mitts
  • Skates
  • Helmet
If you’re not sure about any items, you can drop anything off at our dry cleaning depot and we’ll take care of that for you.  

3.Don’t forget the inside of the helmet.

In addition to our body equipment, an important piece of equipment that we never forget to play without, but sometimes we sometimes forget to wash, the helmet. To effectively clean the inside of your helmet you will need to follow these simple steps.
  1. Mix a bowl with hot water and no tears kids shampoo.
  2. Dip the sponge in water/shampoo mix, ring well, and scrub inside of the helmet.
  3. Repeat process with only water and dry out.
(With sweat commonly built up in the helmet, it is especially important that you use no tears shampoo. If there is any chance that soap hasn’t been properly rinsed out and drips into your eyes while playing, this will save you from a tearful accident.)  

4.LAST BUT NOT LEAST, Those smelly skates!

Finally, our most dreaded piece of equipment… the hockey skates. Though they may seem like the most daunting task, they are actually the easiest piece to clean. All you have to do is sprinkle some baking soda in those stinky blades, let them sit overnight and dump it out in the morning! You’ll be amazed by how effective this simple trick is.

Go trekking with the Fernie Mountain Film Festival

Here in Canada, we’re blessed to be surrounded by all kinds of natural beauty: raging rivers, vast forests, sparkling lakes and towering mountains. Ah, mountains. It’s fitting that Fernie, a town in the shadow of the majestic Rockies, would play host to the 7th annual Fernie Mountain Film Festival, taking place February 21 to 23. The three-day event is “dedicated to filmmakers who spark awareness of mountain cultures, fragile environments, and the passion and perseverance of global explorers.” That’s good news for movie goers, who can expect some of the world’s top outdoor cinematography on display at the Fernie Community Centre. The festival kicks off Thursday with a local talent night, featuring submissions by local filmmakers. Friday features the headline film Congo: The Grand Inga Project. Follow a group of adventure junkies as they battle to be the first to descend Congo’s Inga Rapids, the tallest rapids in the world. Saturday is a double-header. The mountain biking documentary Where the Trail Ends is followed by a special lecture by Leo Grillmair. A pioneer of mountaineering in British Columbia, Grillmair will be regaling audiences with stories and images of B.C’s beautiful Bugaboo Provincial Park. There’s lots more excitement in store, so lace up your hiking boots and head over to the Fernie Mountain Festival! ($25 for all-access pass, tickets available at

CTV’s Canada AM coming to Fernie

Early birds rejoice: there’s plenty of excitement to be found before the sun rises. On Wednesday, January 23, CTV’s Canada AM will be filming live from Fernie Alpine Resort (5339 Fernie Ski Hill Road) starting at 4 a.m. One of the country’s most popular morning talk shows, Canada AM is currently celebrating its 40th anniversary on the air – and it’s looking for bright-eyed and bushy-tailed audience members to join the fun. This is your chance to meet the entire Canada AM team: hosts Beverly Thomson and Marci Ien, weather specialist Jeff Hutcheson plus their special guests! There will also be special activities taking place to keep everyone awake and warm during filming. For more information, go to  

Before and After: Goldstar’s Extreme Cleaning Makeover

George Toressani (center) and the Goldstar Team celebrate a job well done!
Earlier this month, Goldstar Cleaning announced the winner of its Extreme Makeover: Cleaning Edition contest. To recap: George Toressani and his wife, Rochelle Simmons, have been living apart since last summer after their eldest daughter Brooke, 17, relocated to Vancouver to undergo treatment for lung cancer.
Goldstar staff hard at work!
While Rochelle and Brooke have been living at the Ronald McDonald’s House in between treatments at the B.C. Children’s Hospital, George has had to stay behind in Fernie to work and take care of their high school-aged son Wesley. Fortunately, Rochelle and Brooke are returning home for the holidays later this week. Goldstar made sure their house was ready for them, sending a team of nine professional cleaners to give George and Rochelle’s home an extreme makeover. “One of the reasons we felt good about choosing this particular family is because they had been separated for so long,” explains Jill Barclay, owner of Goldstar Cleaning Services. “This way, they’ll have this time to spend together rather than worry about tedious chores.” With their trademark attention to attention to detail, the Goldstar team left no spot untouched, judging from the before-and-after photos (see below).
Goldstar staff hard at work!
“We had set ourselves a goal of completing the whole house in two hours,” Barclay says. “If fact, we went slightly over that, but we ended up cleaning the exterior windows and steam cleaning the floors.” In fact, it took just over three hours to finish the job, which included everything from scrubbing walls and dusting furniture to doing laundry for the home-alone bachelors. A simple gesture like cleaning can help bring a sense of normalcy to family members whose lives have been affected by cancer. That’s why Goldstar is a supporter of Cleaning for a Reason, a charity that provides professional free cleaning services to women affected by cancer. Thanks to everyone who entered the Extreme Makeover: Cleaning Edition contest. Stay tuned for more exciting promotions from Goldstar Cleaning Services!

Before-and-after shots of George and Rochelle’s House

Wesley's bedroom - before
Wesley's bedroom - after
Brooke's bedroom - before
Brooke's bedroom - after
Bathroom - before
Bathroom - after.

Event Highlight: 2012 Fernie Ski Swap

                      Is your old skiing equipment gathering dust in your closet? Consider recycling your old gear to make some extra cash — and support young alpine skiers — at the 2012 Fernie Ski Swap. On Friday, November 9 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., participants can drop off their gently-used skis, snowboards and accessories at the Fernie Community Centre (901 6 Ave.) The gear will be on sale Saturday, November 10 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., so bring the family and shop for once-a-season deals on quality second-hand skiing and snowboarding equipment. Admission to the Ski Swap is $2 per person, $5 per family. All proceeds benefit the Fernie Alpine Ski Team (FAST) Juvenile Racers. Commission and handling fees apply. For more information, visit

Meet the Winner of Extreme Makover: Clean Home Edition

In the end, there can be only one. Goldstar Cleaning Services would like to thank everyone who took the time to nominate their neighbours, friends and family members for the Extreme Makeover: Clean Home Edition contest. It was a difficult decision, but we managed to narrow down the entries to a single winner: George Torresani of Fernie, B.C. We were genuinely touched by the story of George, his wife Rochelle Simmons, and their family. We were also overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from their friends in the community, who submitted nominations on their behalf. The story is best told by those who know George and Rochelle best, so we’ll let them do the talking. Here’s what nominee Cindy wrote:

“Rochelle’s daughter Brooke, who was 17 at the time, was diagnosed with lung cancer last December.  She had her lung removed at that point.  Unfortunately, the cancer didn’t go away, and she has been going through chemo since then… Right after graduation, Brooke and her mom headed to Vancouver to undergo more chemo. They have been there ever since, staying at the Ronald McDonald House in between treatments at the Children’s Hospital. 

Rochelle has a partner George (the meat manager at Overwaitea) and a son Wesley, who is still in high school.  So, not only has Rochelle been living away from Fernie since the end of July, she has left behind her partner and son. One can only imagine how difficult it must be for her to be by herself in Vancouver, and how hard it must be not to be at home, being a “family.”  The boys have been bachelors, looking after each other as best they can.

“I know there have been some very kind people in Fernie, who have been doing a meal train for the guys, making sure they eat properly. George has been an amazing step father to Brooke and Wesley, and again, one can only imagine the toll this must be taking on him. Working full time, being a single parent to Wesley, and having his loving partner and step daughter miles away.  Now, being guys, working full time, going to school, I’m sure house cleaning hasn’t been on the top of their “to do” list!  I can’t imagine any family more deserving of needing this extreme make over.”

Cindy, we couldn’t agree more! Goldstar understands the importance of helping families affected by cancer stay on top of everyday household chores. That’s why Goldstar is a longtime supporter of Cleaning for a Reason, a charity that provides professional free cleaning services for women affected by cancer. So get ready, George, because your bachelor pad is about to receive an Extreme Makeover! On Tuesday, November 13, the full staff of Goldstar Cleaning Services will be at George’s house, says Jill Barclay, owner and founder of Goldstar. “We’ll be giving the place a complete clean makeover, from the floors to the ceilings,” Barclay says. Stay tuned next week for a wrap-up of Extreme Makeover: Clean Home Edition, including amazing before-and-after shots of George’s house!